Disney's Halloween Time Food Review

Throughout the entire Halloween season, Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) have been featuring special, limited-time treats . I’ve had the chance to go to the parks about four times since Halloween Time started and got to taste a few of their seasonal treats and eats. If you follow Disney accounts on Instagram, you’ll probably recognize several of these. While Diane and I hardly made a dent in the seasonal offerings available in both parks, we were fortunate enough to try several and decided to review each! Proceed with caution; this will make you hungry. 


Barbacoa Torta ($12.99) 


On one of the evenings in the park, we had dinner for the first time at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland. I had never eaten here before but thought their seasonal special, the Barbacoa Torta, sounded delicious. The torta includes seasoned beef, guacamole mayo, refried beans, tomato, lettuce, and cotija cheese, and it’s served with a side of lime tortilla chips. First, this is a big torta, so if you’re hungry, it’s definitely a good option. However, for the amount of filling you get, there is way too much bread. The flavor of the seasoned beef was good, and I really liked the guacamole mayo, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the refried beans. They were bland and added nothing of significance to the torta. The torta itself was also pretty spicy, which was surprising since most of Disneyland’s food described as “spicy” is far from it. I was even warned by the cast member ringing me up! After taking bites of the enchiladas that my friends ordered, I would definitely recommend the torta over them. The enchiladas on their regular menu are dry, cold, and bland. However, a couple of people got the carne asada plate, and the carne asada was amazing and so delicious. I wish they would just make a plate of that with tortillas! However, this is about the torta, which, overall, was pretty good but nothing to write home about. 

Mickey Mummy Mararon ($3.99)


After seeing this posted countless times on Instagram, I was really excited to try this macaron, available at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe on Main Street. I love macarons, and to shape it like Mickey Mouse is just like giving me everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a cookie. The flavor was also really appealing — this is a white-chocolate macaron with a salted caramel filling. I definitely prefer chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, etc. flavors over fruity sweets and desserts, so I was very excited to try this cookie. This macaron was very tasty; however, there was little to no filling in Mickey’s ears! The first few bites made me think the macaron was a bit bland, but once I got to the center of the cookie, I was pleasantly surprised to find the delicious salted caramel filling. I would for sure order this again, but definitely would prefer that the filling was spread out more evenly throughout each part of the cookie. 

Disney’s California Adventure

Monstermallow Cronut ($5.49) 


The Monstermallow cronut at Shmoozies was one treat we couldn’t wait try after seeing it posted all over Instagram. It’s supposed to have a marshmallow filling, but there was so little of it you could hardly taste it. While the cronut is VERY cute, it’s way too big and greasy, and has too little filling. I definitely would not recommend it and don’t plan on buying it again, and it has made me wary of buying donuts ever again from Shmoozies. It makes for great photos, but the actual flavor isn’t worth it. It’s also so large that four of us could barely finish it (but I think this was also due to it being greasy and so messy that it wasn't pleasant to eat).

Dragon’s Breath Tacos ($10.99)

In celebration of the Halloween Time version of the Guardian’s of the Galaxy ride, Monsters After Dark, Studio Catering Company in Hollywood Land is serving Dragon’s Breath Tacos. These are pork belly tacos with korean BBQ sauce, kimchi slaw, and Sriracha aioli. These tacos were very tasty, which was a bit of a surprise as you don’t expect Asian-inspired food in Disney parks to be all that great. However, the pork was juicy and flavorful, and the added slaw and condiments provided a nice balance of flavors and textures. The Korean BBQ sauce and Sriracha aioli also added a nice spiciness to the tacos without being too overwhelming. If they keep these around, I would definitely have them again. 


Caramel Apple Smoothie ($5.99) 


One of the best seasonal eats I’ve tried during Halloween Time is the Caramel Apple Smoothie at Shmoozie’s in DCA’s Hollywood Land. This smoothie is made with real apples, caramel sauce, and ice cream. It was delicious and tasted exactly like a green apple dipped in caramel. It was shockingly apple-y. The most challenging part of consuming this drink was the caramel getting stuck in the straw, but something worth having is worth working for. Also, despite several sugary elements, this smoothie was not overly sweet. The tartness of the green apple balanced out the sweetness of the caramel and ice cream very well. I would love to have this again, so I hope they keep it through the rest of the fall season. 


Thor’s Lightning Pop ($7.49)


We tried another seasonal drink at Award Wieners — the Lightning Pop in Hollywood Land. This drink consists of Barq’s Red Cream Soda Slush topped with whipped cream and includes a glow cube in the shape of Thor’s hammer. My fiance spotted this drink on Instagram, and once he saw it came with a Thor glow cube, it became his mission to get one. The drink was tasty but very sweet. We definitely recommend sharing it, but it’s awesome to have a cold, slushy drink on a hot day in Disney. Even though it’s fall and Halloween Time, it’s been sweltering every time we’ve visited the parks this month. The best part of the drink is the hammer glow cube, which we were happy to learn can be turned on and off so you can save some of it’s glowy-ness for later. It’s now happily sitting on our bookshelf at home. 


Car’s Land

For Halloween, Cars Land was transformed for “Haul-o-Ween” with car-themed Halloween decorations throughout the land. There were several new Halloween treats available in Cars Land’s various restaurants and eateries. I tried two seasonal items at the Cozy Cone Motel: the Slow Burnin’ Mac n Cheese Cone and the Spokey-cone Macaroon. 

Slow Burnin’ Mac n Cheese Cone ($8.99)


The Slow Burnin’ Mac n Cheese cone is filled with corkscrew pasta covered in a spicy red pepper cheese sauce, topped with crushed hot cheese puffs (they are hot Cheetos, let’s call it what it is), and served in a black cauldron cone, which I believe is a pumpernickel bread. The cone was good but a little disappointing. I have tried both the bacon mac ’n’ cheese cone and chili cone — the non-seasonal options served at the motel — and thought both were much better than the Slow Burnin’. I eat a decent amount of spicy food, which may have increased my tolerance, and I found nothing spicy about this cone. The cheese sauce tastes the same as any mac ’n’ cheese sauce, and because the corkscrew pasta is so big, you don’t get nearly as much filling as you do with the other cones. I did enjoy the hot cheese puffs as a topping, but there definitely wasn’t enough. While this looks great in photos, I definitely wouldn’t order it again. 

Spoke-y Cone Macaron ($5.49)

The joy of knowing you're about to eat a macaron. 

The joy of knowing you're about to eat a macaron. 

The Spokey-cone macaroon is a cone-shaped macaron filled with marshmallow buttercream frosting and candy corn. First of all, I don’t think photos do justice as to how big this cookie really is. It’s hefty! Which is nice, because it’s just over $5 for one cookie.... As I said before, I love macarons, so I was really excited to try this, and it was delicious. While I am not typically a big fan of candy corn, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it in the cookie. It added a nice change in texture and break in the rich butter cream. The hardest part about eating this macaron was that it was VERY sweet. While delicious, it can be a little hard to stomach after a few bites. With that said, I am very happy I shared it with my fiance and wish I would’ve had a cup of coffee to help cut some of the sweetness. 

It’s a lot of fun trying seasonal offerings at Disneyland, and we’re happy that their theming goes beyond just the decor in the park — it’s in the food you eat, too! The experience of being in the parks during Halloween Time is even more immersive when it’s combined with a Dragon’s Breath Taco and Mickey Mummy Macaron. After experiencing so many Halloween treats, I am very excited for their offerings for the rest of the fall and winter seasons. With Christmas just around the corner, I am sure there will be even more new stuff to try! 

Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of Halloween eats in Disney! 

Love and Smoosh,